• 11/26/2019 (5:10:23 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

It was a big weekend for wrestling in Chicago. It took a lot of logistic work, but I got to meet several great wrestlers.

I started the weekend at Days of the Dead, where Tommy Else and I met Vampiro. Taking a cue from his shirt, we talked a bit about the Ramones. It’s always good connecting with a Ramones fan. Vampiro hasn’t done many appearances and this was a great chance to meet him and talk to him. Days of the Dead always has interesting wrestling folks in their celebrity lineup.
I started my Saturday at Challengers Comics + Conversation, where I met AJ Lee (Mendez) and Aimee Garcia for a signing of GLOW vs. Babyface, the comic they co-wrote. They could not have been any nicer. AJ remembered me from a few other events for hers I covered. We talked about mental health, Chicago and them being role models for young women. It was well-run by the staff of Challengers and we actually got to spend a much longer than usual time with the ladies.
Next up I raced to Rosemont to meet WWE legend The Undertaker. As expected, the line was incredibly long for photo ops and autographs. Undertaker did the best he could to be personable within the time constraints. The convention could have done a better job of organizing the lines and the wait, but it was still worth the effort to meet “The Phenom.”
Sunday morning I met WWE stars Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch at a Survivors Series meet-and-greet. This was run extremely well. Seth and Becky were great, as we talked about the Chicago Bears. Seth is a huge Bears fan and he is converting Becky, who playfully boasted she is knows the game and the terms. It was a fun exchange between them.

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