• 10/13/2013 (10:51:10 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Hello Everyone,

I attended the Sunday session of NY Comic Con at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York, NY.  The place was a zoo.  I started off my experience with walking through the showroom on the third floor and I looked around...then proceeded to go to the Headlocked booth.  Jerry The King Lawler was signing artwork, comics, 8x10's and personal items.  He was a very nice person and talked Memphis wrestling with him.  He confirmed to me that he owns the entire Memphis wrestling library.  It's been a mystery for years and he told me with confidence that he has it all.  I went downstairs and collected my Chloe Moretz preorder, plus went to the Hogan line.  Fast forward about an hour and a half of convos with wrestling fans....Hogan came out 15-20 mins after noon.  My experience with Hogan was incredible...he was personable and spoke to me for a bit....lines were insane behind me, so I got in with good time....I was the 20th person on line.   Exceeded my expectations.

Then I went to meet Chloe Moretz....long story short...long wait on line and she was very sweet.  I missed the WWE films panel cause of this, but Kane and Hornswoggle weren't signing autos or posing for pics...just introducing the new films and talking about them.  Sheamus signed the day before....Mattel told me that, plus Tito Santana, Jim Duggan, Ashley and Sgt Slaughter were signing autos and posing for pics.

Stallone was sold out and his $395 auto/ $450 photo op was a ridiculous price, but people bought it.  Got a free tshirt with my Chloe purchase and got a free lanyard/program.  Great overall experience at NY Comic Con.  I would go again, but I would go for two days next time.




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