• 09/08/2013 (12:33:10 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Yesterday I met former WWF DIVA Sunny once again. This was the third time I had met her but this time would be a bit different. She was doing Under The Cover photo ops. My friend Shannon and I took off to meet her at the Dungeon Oven, akaFrank & Son Collectibles in City of Industy, CA. The weather in SoCal has been horribly hot and humid in the last coupleof weeks. This warehouse has no AC. It has some fans, but it really doesn't help. People standing still are sweating their ass off. We meet up with people and have some good chats until finally Sunny arrives.
Sunny was in a great mood, talking with fans, signing their stuff, and unfortunately sweating like crazy, just like the rest of us. LOL. The table was at the front door and it was bad inside the warehouse today. We waited in line and our turn finally came. Sunny remembered me from when I had drinks with her and Terri Runnels at the bar during WrestleReunion, and we reminisced about good times in the past. I didn't have her sign anything due to having tons of autographs already but I did get an updated photo op. My friend Shannon got a photo op and had some of his stuff signed. We stuck around for a while and then headed out to CVS to get out photo ops printed.
After we got our photo ops printed at CVS we headed to the hotel to meet inside the restaurant with the other VIPS. Sunny came in, we ordered out lunch, and we had a nice Q&A during lunch learning more about Sunny, and heard some great stories. After we were done eating, and asking questions, Sunny signed everyones stuff. I had her sign my photo op.
Now it was time, Sunny left to go to her hotel room. About 15 minutes later they began pulling us by groups of two, to go up to Sunny's room, to take photos with her in bed. I let them know me and Shannon would go last. I went to the restroom and changed to get in gimmick for the photo op. I thought, why I'm I going to be in bed wearing street clothes? So I changed into shorts, and put a bathrobe on..
It was finally our turn to go up into Sunny's room. As I walked in Sunny looked at how I was dressed and was happy that I actually put some thought into it. We went over a couple rules, and then told me to lay down, and instructed me how to lay, where to place my hand etc. She kept it real classy. I took a few different photo ops with her. My friend Shannon got one as well. I then cut a video promo with her. This has been a tradition of mine since WrestleReunion. Sunny took control and pretty much told me to follow her lead and I did. I improvised as usual.  The video will be debuting on the Live Internet Show called The Sunday Nite Stu, Sunday 8th, 9pm PST / 12am EST
After we stuck around in her room and chatted for a while about a bunch of different stuff that was definitely entertaining. I'd like to thank Victor of Gemini Sportscards for putting on such an awesome event.
Todd Fulkerson
Todd's Autograph Arena

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