• 12/30/2012 (9:04:37 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

TNA Results from Dec 29, 2012 at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY.
On Saturday I sent the day in the Poughkeepsie, NY area for a day of TNA Impact Wrestling. The day was going to start at the Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall for a 2 pm autograph session with TNA Champion Jeff Hardy and Knockout Champion Tara. A little before 2pm there was not even 50 people in line. The local radio station set up a little area for the signing but nothing was going nothing was around the mall letting people know about the event.
2pm came and past. After about 20 minutes Jeff Hardy showed up went to the table and then got up and left again. Few minutes later he returned but still no Tara. By now there was maybe 100 people there for the meet and greet. Someone working the event announced that the signing was going to start and that Tara was on her way and people that wanted to stay and meet her would have to get back in line.
Jeff Hardy thanked everyone posed for photos and signed whatever people had. The TNA handler did let him sign WWE items. After going through people got back in line. D-Lo Brown was with Jeff at the signing. He is very friendly and signed autographs and took photos with people that asked.
We got back in line with a number of others to wait for Tara, by 3pm (30 minutes into the signing) the front people were back to the front of the line and no Tara. TNA staff set up a 2nd line for people waiting on Tara and new people wanting to meet Jeff Hardy. Around 3:20 TNA announced that Tara would not be appearing because of airplane issues and announced that she would be signing at the event. After a few people said a few things to smooth things out TNA staff gave out the official Tara photos to anyone that waited to meet her. A few people left complaining, TNA did give people a chance to meet Jeff Hardy again and get a free promo-photo signed due to the problem.
After getting the extra Jeff Hardy meet and greet we headed to get dinner before show and Tara posted on her twitter account that her plane had problems on the runway which caused them to leave late and she was sorry for missing the signing.
We headed over to the Mid-Hudson Civic Center for the show. Right before 5:30 the new Don West, came out talked about the “Brown Bag” special and other gimmicks for sale. Then he said how there is a new easier meet and greet. Before it was get the guard rail and meet the talent as they walked by, now they had the talent at a table and you walk down the line. Don’t know why they did not do it before.
The pre-show signing for floor ticket customers was; Austin Aries, Hernandez, Chavo Guerrero, Tara, Jessie Godderz, and Cowboy James Storm. It went okay. You gave your program to Austin and then you picked it up at the other end of the table because they just pushed it along. Aries was very entertaining told fans that it just went down in talent from there. Chavo, Hernandez, and Tara talked to each other. Tara signed a few other programs and said that she got on her plane and crew was just running around before they could take off which caused her to miss the early signing. When doors open for GA, Robbie E went to do a signing at the gimmick table. Great guy.
Show started with Christy Hemme signing America the Beautiful. The Civic Center was far from full. The weather was bad, but it was a little more than half full. Floor only had first 5 or 6 rows filled and the grand stand was half full, with the 2 end sections almost empty.
First match started with a “Bro-Off” between Robbie E and Jessie. Robbie won that but Jessie scored the win after Tara hit Robbie and Jessie hooked the tights.
2nd Match was Devon with Doc vs. James Storm. Storm got on the mic and goofed on Doc for being Fetus in the WWE. Devon won the short match after Doc hit Storm. This cause Samoa Joe to come out and turned into a tag team match. Solid match finish saw Joe dive from the ring to the floor on to Devon, and Doc turned into a “Last Call” superkick by James Storm for the win.
Bully Ray defeated Austin Aries in a border line comedy match. Match had it good back and forth but was really comedy focused. A lot of the match was running around the ring, ass slaps, and goofing on Christy Hemme. Finish was a test of strength into a Bubba Cutter.
During intermission Earl was at the gimmick table selling his “Damn right I did T-shirt”.
Chavo and Super Mex defeated Morgan and Joey Ryan. Morgan is a monster in person. His new look with Hogan Rope really fits his gimmick. The team of Ryan and Morgan is a real od ball team. The clown Ryan really makes Morgan look tougher. Chavo pinned Ryan after a frog slaph.
Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode had a great match. Hardy is very over and the crowd was all over Roode. Hardy won after a stunner followed by a Twit of Faith. After the match Hardy took photos in the ring with his new Title belt.
It was a good show, to bad the crowd quiet most of the show and the hall was not filled. Hopefully next show wont be during a blizzard.
Thank you,
Chris from Boston

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