• 09/22/2013 (5:58:26 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin


I attended Wrestling Spectacular All-Women's convention in Edison, NJ.  Fun experience as all the super ticket ladies were very sweet and cordial.  There was an issue with Ashley and 3B Wrestling, since 3B couldn't attend.  Lucky 13 were a very organized vendor with Tessmacher and Daffney.  Tess was so sweet and down to earth.  Daffney was awesome, as she gave me a jolly rancher candy.  Tess was having Bikini-ops towards the end.
Sunny let me hold her slammy award in the pic we took.  RF had a great substitute in Tommy Dreamer and Beulah, since Victoria could not attend.  Rob honored Pre-orders with substitutions or offered refunds to anyone that wanted I cannot stress enough how wonderful everyone was.  Beautiful People were doing dual ops, but opted for only Velvet.  Kudos to Velvet...very sweet woman and she even re-tweeted/responded to my pic on twitter.  
Jillian Hall was cool and she signed my encyclopedia in gold, which was awesome.  Venue was too big, but they had a wrestling show after.  I met Mike Bennett as a bonus as he picked up Maria from the event, cause she had to leave a little early due to ROH commitments.  I won a VOC Nation t-shirt for answering a question and great hosts were VOC Nation.  Wrestling Spectacular put a good show that wasn't too stressful at all.  I didn't attend the Wrestling show after.


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