• 08/26/2017 (9:16:42 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

As always, Wizard World had a few of the biggest superstars of the WWE.

Charlotte Flair seemed like she was having fun during her photo ops.  She was very friendly and chatted as much as time constraints would allow in that situation.  She was also very agreeable with posing requests (four fingers, peace sign etc.)  When asked about her legendary father Ric, she said he was improving and she thanked everyone for the concern.  Charlotte thanked everyone and also commented when pictures were posted on social media.  She was a real pleasure.
Roman Reigns was very polite in his photo op.  Like the rest, he greeted everyone and was agreeable to pose requests.
Matt and Jeff Hardy had a huge line at the photo op, probably the longest of these three.  This caused the time allotment during the picture to be very short.  Still, both greeted and shook everyone’s hand.  They also were agreeable to pose requests.  They also seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I was unable to get to the other photo ops, but I heard all great things about Alexa Bliss.  I also heard she joined the gamers for a while and was crushing everyone.

John Wroblewski

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