• 09/24/2012 (1:37:30 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

On Friday, September 22 I went to the Enfield Square Mall in Enfield, CT for the Vader signing. The signing was set up by M & J Collectibles and T-Zone. The signing started at 5pm but due to work I arrived around 6:30. There was a good line so had to wait but the staff was real nice. Vader had his mastodon helmet he wore in WCW and in Japan. Vader was a nice guy and gladly signed my Raw magazine with him splashing Gorilla Monsoon and I got a photo with him and the helmet.

I asked one of the staffers if Vader will have the helmet at Legends of the Ring, he told me that Vader will have the helmet but will not be able to use the mask with the deluxe photo-ops with Harley Race because of a rule the owner of the helmet has. Sounds like the Japanese that owns the helmet will not let any other wrestler appear with the helmet with out there okay. There are many rules Vader and M & J Collectibles must follow for them to use the headgear which is why it has not used at conventions before.

Next week, Saturday the 29th M&J will have another signing with Maria, Marty Jannetty, Rosita, and current TNA World Champion Austin Aries. This signing starts at 12 noon till 2:30 at the Enfield, CT mall. One of the staff members said they are 80% sure Austin will have the belt with him.

For more info on Vader at Legends or M & J future signings there website is:

Thank you

Chris from Boston


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