• 11/13/2012 (7:22:40 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Last Saturday I went to the convention known as Nuke The Fridge, held at Frank & Sons, in City of Industry, CA. I knew this place would be packed, and parking would be scarce. There was a chance of rain and I just didn't want to take a chance on getting wet, not getting a close parking space, and waiting forever to get inside. On a side note they did have another parking lot down the street and offered free shuttle service from it to the show for everyone. But I knew the shuttle service wouldn't be available during the time I was going and didn't want to take a chance. Two people posted on the shows facebook that they had been there since a little after 10:00pm the day before to get in line. Nuke The Fridge rewarded them with FREE tickets to meet Stan Lee. The show officially would open at 9:00am but they posted to be there by 7:00am. I woke up at 3:30am to get ready, left, and arrived at 5:30am. The main parking lot across the street that is always open was locked up. We parked in the actual parking lot at the warehouse holding the convention.

There was about maybe fifteen to twenty people in line and everyone was freezing. The line was in front of the entrance, running down the side of the building. Eventually the door opened, and they came out, to move the line to the very front of the street. It was much colder out here standing on the grass. My buddy who brought some of the celebrities to the show arrived and got us into the warehouse early. I helped him setup his area. It was cool watching him plan things out. We got all the tables, table clothes, chairs, merch area setup and all was good. His main crew came in and I washed up and went back outside to get in line in my original spot. I wanted to make sure to get one of those free goodie bags. I had no idea what would be in it.

Finally it was time for the show to open and they let us in. I bought my tickets at the vendor areas allowing presale and scouted out the area. It was cool seeing regular convention friends and catching up. My targets were The Ultimate Warrior, Kelly Kelly, The Bella Twins, Ernie Reyes Jr., Bob Wall, Jim Kelly, John Saxon, and the Willy Wonka cast.

Kelly Kelly was announced and came out. To first thing all the fans noticed is that her blonde hair was gone. I heard many people grumbling about that... LOL.. I was the first to approach her and began filming some video, and taking photos. I had her sign the first photo, and then I mentioned to her that I'm wasn't sure if she would sign the next photo, but I thought it was really hilarious, and cool for her to pose for. I then revealed the photo of her sitting in a sink. She laughed and told me that she posted that pic on her own MySpace account. The WWE made her take it down, along with other pics, and weren't too happy that she even posted it. She happily signed it. I then took a photo with her, thanked her and moved back in line.

Ashley Massaro was supposed to be there and showed up late. I never knew how she was going to appear at Frank & Sons Nuke The Fridge con and at Glamourcon the same day. She came in really fast and seemed a little flustered and mad. I saw her screaming at the nice people who brought her in. I kept hearing her screaming no photos, no videos, and she angrily pointed at fans. I was thinking to myself, what in the hell is wrong with her? I met her last year and she was a sweetheart. This time she was being not so nice.. LOL.. As I got up to the person taking her money I began chatting with him letting him know I worked a show with her a year ago and wanted my photo ops signed. I was holding my camera up the whole time video recording. I handed him my money. I kept seeing him and Ashley looking at my camera wondering if I was recording. I finally got to Ashley and showed her the photos, and she remembered doing the show. There were tons of wrestlers but not many fans so I got to chat with her a while at the previous show all day long. She seemed like she was in a rush, signed my photos, and I left. She left pretty quickly after that. I know she was headed to Glamourcon.

I got back in line to meet The Bella Twins once again. I brought my photo op to get signed from the last time I met them. Both of them came out with their new little puppy. As always they both were super nice to everyone. I recorded some video of some super fans of hers who were twins as well. They had their autographs tattooed on their sides. As I walked up to Brianna and Nicole they remembered me. They signed my photo op, I thanked them, they both gave me a hug, and I let them get to their other fans.

At this point I was still looking for Ernie Reyes Jr. He never did show up. No one knows what happened to him. He wouldn't reply to calls or text messages. I hope he is alright. So I walked over to The Wonka booth to see that they were gone. They told me to come back around 12:30pm for my photo op. When I was standing there with a friend I looked down and saw a Stan Lee autograph ticket. I had met him many times so I gave it to my friend.

I went over to the Enter The Dragon area. I first went up to John Saxon who was in better spirits since the last time I saw him. His wife and him kept staring at my photo op I took with them. He signed it. John looked at me and said, I look very tired and out of it in this photo. I laughed and replied, yeah, I think you were out of it that day. You weren't your normal self. He looked at me and shook his head. I then said it looks like you had more sleep this time. He laughed out loud. I then went over to Bob Wall to get him to sign the photo. Bob is always full of energy and super nice. Next was Jim Kelly. He signed my photo and we chatted a bit about martial arts.

I was just walking around at this point killing time to see the Wonka Kids come back. I have met them all several times before with the exception of Peter Ostrum. I took my photo op thanked them and then went to chat with friends again. At this point I was killing time hoping Ernie Reyes Jr. would show up but noooooooope.

I walked over to Tyler Mane and chatted with him for a while. I told him that I wish he had Big Sky or Nitro photos from WCW. He told me he had some. I mentioned that people would like them so I got some info from him. We talked about oldschool wrestling a bit. He was pretty cool. Daeg Faerch who was the young Michael Myers was sitting close to Tyler. I took a photo op with the both of them.

I stayed around for another couple of hours hoping Ernie would show up.. but still noooope. Sucks.. But oh well. The show was jam packed. Stan Lee had the longest line. I had a great time.

WWE - The Bella Twins - Nicole & Brianna - Autograph Signing

WWE - Kelly Kelly - Signing Autographs

WWE - Kelly Kelly - Signing Autographs

WWE - Ashley Massaro Signing Autographs

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