• 03/02/2014 (10:01:04 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Yesterday I met the professional wrestler Scott Hall, for my second time, at Frank and Son Collectibles, in City of Industry, CA.
We are in a drought here, and it's nice to get some rain. I know other places laugh when they hear about California having problems with rain but what people don't understand is that the land here is so dry, that when it does rain 4 - 5 inches in a day or two it causes flash floods, and mudslides. The roads and overall system here isn't designed for that type of weather. Plus, people here are not used to driving in the rain, ride each other's ass, and crash like crazy.
I bring this up because poor Scott Hall comes to "Sunny" California during one of our freak weather systems of rain, hail the size of ping pong balls, mini tornados touching down etc. The traffic here is bad enough alone.
The signing was scheduled for noon on Saturday but the parking would be a bitch. There is no way I wanted to walk in the pouring rain with my cameras, photos etc. down the block. We made plans to get there early. We arrived around 9:45am. I bought my autograph and photo op tickets, and then met up with a friend in the photo op line. We took turns holding the place in line. A
DJ was playing various wrestling theme songs. At this point there were maybe 30 people in line. We thought, damn, is this going to be dead? Someone was filming the event... some local group I think. I also helped out some, took a ton of photos, and shot several videos you can find on my YouTube Page.
By noon there were a few hundred people in line. Scott Hall showed up about 15 minutes after noon, and everyone cheered. They immediately began to knock out the photo ops. During this point a couple hundred more people showed up for the signing. The line stretched around far as hell. They were snapping photos fast as hell. Scott was smiling, laughing, joking around with his fans
making them feel welcome. He seemed to be having a blast. Once done, we headed to the autograph line and met up with a friend holding our spot.
We waited in the autograph line while they were finishing the photo ops for about 45 minutes. Scott then came over and sat down to begin signing. It was finally my turn. I shook Scott's hand letting him know it was good to see him again, and began handing him all my photos. I made sure to put post it notes on them saying how to sign. He enjoyed looking at my photos. The first photo he stopped to talk about was a promo I found of Scott with Dan Spivey as Ameri can Starship. Dusty Rhodes of CWF, Championship Wrestling from Florida had sent Scott and Dan to work in Jim Crockett's North Carolina based territory in The National Wrestling Alliance as American Starship. Scott was known as Starship Coyote, and Dan was known as Starship Eagle. Scott laughed at the photo seeing that they put the wrong name under each of them, saying, that's how it was back then, not giving a crap. This was a very early time for Scott in his career, which eventually would lead him to work in the American Wrestling Association.
The next photo he stopped at, and smiled at, as he told me, was his first WWF Razor Ramon promo photo he had ever shot. I finally found it I told him, as he signed it. I have a YouTube video of Scott signing all my photos. After he was done signing, I shook his hand and thanked him for coming. I then took more photos and video of the event.
It was amazing to see how fast they did all the photo ops and autographs while Scott made all the fans feel awesome. More fans showed up than were expected, especially since the heavy rains, and floods. I had a great time. 
You can find more photos of this event on my Facebook Page, as well as reports, and other signings I'm going to, and taking autograph orders for at my website on The What's New Section. You can also visit my YouTube page to see other videos I have taken as well.
Todd Fulkerson

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