• 12/01/2012 (12:43:18 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Resistance Pro Wrestling held their 1 year anniversary show, Sad Wings of Destiny, at the Teamster’s Auditorium in Chicago, IL. It was an action packed and star filled event that will surely go down in history as one of the best.

The night began with two dark matches which saw the tag team of 4 Star Heroes and DaCobra each victorious in their matches.

The show then kicked off with the owners of R-Pro, the Barons (Gabe and Jacques), thanking the fans for a year of dedication. Creative Director Billy Corgan was then invited out along with R-Pro’s Heavyweight champion The Ego Robert Anthony. Billy stated as the new champion, The Ego had the opportunity to challenge anyone tonight for the title. The Ego called out Jay Bradley and a main event was set to determine who the best in R-Pro really is.

Jesse Corgan then invaded the Teamster’s Auditorium with his accomplice Chris Hall to announce his disgust with his brother. Corgan then turned to Chris Nowinski, the former commissioner of wrestler safety, who was sitting in the crowd. Corgan continued to insult Nowinski because of his career ending concussion. Ruff Crossing stormed out and a match ensued against Chris Hall. Nowinski at point got feud up with Corgan’s antics and he chased him out of the building which allowed Ruff Crossing to secure the pinfall and victory over Chris Hall.

The next match was a woman’s matched that pitted Darcy Dixon vs. Thunderkitty. Darcy dominated the entire match which prompted her to announce that she wanted have another match. Enter, Amazing Kong. Kong made quick work of Darcy and got a huge ovation from the fans.

It was then announced to the crowd that the next R-Pro show will be January 18th at 115 Bourbon Street as they make their debut on the south side of Chicago. The special guests will be Matt Hardy and Amazing Kong as well as other surprises.

The next match was a year in the making. It was the fatal four way elimination tag team tournament to decide the first ever R-Pro Tag Team Champions. The match consisited of the P-Dawg Millionairz vs. Rising Sun vs. Steven Walters and Jocephus vs. Lock Up. The match was filled with excited and twists and turns and came down to Suge D of Lockup vs. Jocephus. At one point Suge D took off his orange jumpsuit to reveal Sugar Dunkerton. This proved to be enough as Lockup ended up victorious. Warden Myers took control of the belts while Suge D thanked the fans for the all of the support.

Funnaki, as the R-Pro #1 Announcer, came to introduce Jake the Snake Roberts! Jake got a huge ovation from the crowd and was speechless at the beginning. He was so happy and blessed to be in attendance with all of the great fans of R-Pro. Raven then had to spoil Jake’s fun as he came out to rain on his parade. They were both eventually interrupted by Ashton Vuitton and valet Eric St. Vaughn. Vuitton couldn’t get any of the microphones to work which inspired both Raven and Jake to poke fun. It got to the point where Jake had enough and gave Vuitton his signature DDT along with Raven giving his signature to Eric St. Vaughn. The crowd chanted for Jake to bring out the snake which he obliged. The crowd was ecstatic to see the Jake of old right here in Chicago.

We came late from intermission in which we saw a triple threat match happening. Mr. 450 proved to be victorious and gave a promise to the crowd that he will continue to a mask until he wins the R-Pro Heavyweight Championship.

We then got to witness the co-main event for the night for the Women’s Championship. It was an I Quit Match that pitted Nikki St. John vs. Melanie Cruise. This match was too big for the ring as Melanie at one point was thrown into the wall outside the ring. They both fought with hatred as this match had been building for a very long time. Melanie finally was able to get Nikki to say “I Quit” by chocking her out with an extension cord. Melanie was ecstatic to have the Women’s Championship back around her waist. Amazing Kong made another appearance and had her eyes set on the Woman’s Championship. The two them had to be separated which sets up a potential match at the next R-Pro event.

The Almighty Sheik came out to complain to Billy Corgan for not booking him on the show as well as his unsuccessful attempts at attaining championship gold. He proclaimed that it should have been him and Josephus as the tag team champions. He told the crowd to watch out as he will be back.

It was then time for the main event of the evening, The Ego Robert Anthony vs. Jay Bradley for the R-Pro Heavyweight Championship. This match was a back and forth battle that saw Anthony have the upper hand early but Bradley dominated most of the match. Bradley went so far as to disrespect the referee by spitting in his face. Bradley believed he had won after a vicious clothesline but Anthony flew out of the ring which gave him time to recover. Anthony was able to turn the tide an land a moonsault to finish Bradley for the 1,2,3.

This was an unbelievable show that could not have been any better. The Barons did an excellent job as this show went off without a hitch. The crowd was hot all night and the action had you jumping out of your seat. We are looking forward to Resistance Pro Wrestling next event January 18th.

Matt "Big Money" Parker


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