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  • Georgiann Makropoulos

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Championship Wrestling
Sept. 10, 2005
Erwin, TN @ the National Guard Armory
1. Wayne Adkins defeated Nick Hammonds in a #1 Contenders Match
2. TV Champion, Tony Givens defeated Robbie Cassidy by count out - After the 15 minute time limit expired, CW Senior Official Rob Knight ordered 5 more minutes... 3 minutes into the overtime period, Cassidy decided to go to the locker room and take the count out loss.
3. Triple Crown Tag Team Champions, Beau James & KC Thunder defeated Chris Richards & Bryan Wayne in an Erwin Street Fight
4. Chris Richards won a 15 man Battle Royal
5. National Champion, Alyx Winters defeated Wayne Adkins
6. Steve Fury defeated the Ramsey Twins in a $5,000 Challenge Handicap Match
CW debuts in Bristol, TN this Thursday, September 15 with TNA Superstar, AJ Styles challenging Winters for the National Title.
CW returns to it's home base of Kingsport, TN this Friday, September 16. That event is headlined by Josh Cody's last match against an opponent of his choosing.
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Brandon Collins beat King Richard
Adrian Sensation beat Max Muscles
Dave Dunnings & Robert Evans beat Claudia & James Johnson
The Bluechippers beat The Dark Circle by countout; Dark Circle retain the
tag team belts
Mace Malone beat Tim Storm by DQ in a Lumberjack Match; Storm retains the
PCW World Heavyweight belt

ON 9/10 Tony Hunter's Carolina Championship Wrestling was in Shelby, N.C. at the Shelby Rec. Center. 
Tater Kirby beat Mike Lee.
Brad Thomas beat Jason Jones & Michael Yamaha in an three way elimination match.
Andrue Bane beat Miguel Guerrero & Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. in an handicap match.           Madd Maxx beat The Sheik of Arabia.
Amber O' Neal beat Krissy Vaine.
Bobby Fulton beat George South Sr.
Brad Anderson (w/Mike Starr) beat David Flair.
Ricky Morton beat Buff Bagwell.

EWF Results for September 10, 1005 in Marion, IN
The show opened with Team Zorin coming down to the ring.  Melliki reminds the fans of how he pinned the EWF Champion Anarchy's shoulders to the mat last week.  Zorin said how he had another big surprise for later tonight.  Then a familiar entrance music hit, and out came "The Real Deal" Bob.  Zorin says that he understands that Bob has had his own problems with the EWF in the past and invites him to join up with Team Zorin.  Bob says yes that is true but he did not come back to join Team Zorin.  He then punches Zorin and Team EWF comes to to ring to back Bob up.  Bob says that he has returned to help Anarchy and the rest of the EWF put the "Extreme" back into the EWF!   
* Angie beat "Mr Passion" Wildman Rogers in an inter-gender match by count out 
* Fabuzio beat Fallen Dragon
* Matt Shock vs. Noah Lott, Steve Amani, & Frank Stein in a handicap match  Shock held his own  until Amani hit him with a bat while he had Noah in a submission hold.  Bob came to the aid of Shock and cleared the ring.  The referee ruled the match a no contest.
* Melliki w/ JT Zorin beat Hypnosis
* The SiKness & "Indy Kid" Jay West beat Chance Laredo & Chip Daley
SiKness went for the pin while West was going to the top rope for a 450 splash.  After the match, West was upset with SiKness and had an argument with him about stealing his thunder.
* Midwestern Title:  Rastakhan beat Hank Calhoun (c) to win the title
Chip Daley came out and threw hot coffee in Hank's eyes allowing for Rasta to get the win.
 JT Zorin and Melliki come out to reveal the surprise.  Zorin says he has went to the top of the talent pool and has acquired the services of wrestling great Tracy Smothers to take out EWF Champion Anarchy. Tracy Smothers comes out and trashes the fans which led to a near riot.   Smothers says he is going to give Anarchy a wrestling lesson of his life and take his title and help Team Zorin take over the EWF.
* EWF Title:  Anarchy (c) beat Tracy Smothers by DQ
Smothers won the match after hitting Anarchy with a chain and getting the pinfall, however, the referee reversed the decision after seeing Tracy holding the chain in Team Zorin's celebration.
teXtreme Championship Wrestling
XCW Arena-Denton,Tx
September 9, 2005

Jerry Brown no contest with Sidd Murder
Kit Carson beat Spudz McKenzie
Khan beat Dave The Rave for the XCW Ironman Title
Gemini beat Ricky Jackson
Action Jackson & Jack Drastic beat Manny Fernandez & Eddie Atlas

Unique Championship Wrestling ran on 9/10 in Rockwood, TN before a crowd of 70 fans and here are the results.
Bobby Showtime b Chris Shamrock
Sky Adams b Maximus & Drew Myers in a triple threat match
Bert Angle b Sunny Fargo with the ankle lock
Blue Intern b Charles Long by DQ when Matt Tallent ran in and hit Intern with a chair
Ladies Match. Star b Fantasy with a DDT
Blue Intern & Dusty Sharpe b Matt Tallent & Charles Long


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