• 05/13/2013 (1:11:18 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

WSU 2013 Queen & King Tournament 5/11/13
Voorhees, NJ
Flyers Skate Zone

1st Round Action:
Jake Crist & Nevaeh d. Pepper Parks & Cherry Bomb
Drew Gulak & Kimber Lee d. Devon Moore & Mickey Knuckles
Athena & AR Fox d. Ezavuel Suena & Latin dragon
Addy Starr & Matt Tremont d. Masada & Christina Von Eerie

WSU World Tag Team Championship
Allysin Kay & Sassie Stephie d. Marti Belle & Lexxus

2nd Round Action
Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak d. Nevaeh & Jake Crist
Athena & AR Fox d. Addy Starr & Matt Tremont

Special Intergender Match-Up
WSU World Champion Jessicka Havok d. Sami Callihan

WSU 2013 Queen & King Of The Ring Finals
Athena & AR Fox d. Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak


Results from CZW Proving Ground 5/11 Voorhees, NJ

Last night, CZW presented the annual Proving Grounds event.  Tracey Smothers entered the Combat Zone to take on Greg Excellent.  In attendance was the "Innovator of Violence" and the newest member to the CZW Roster, Tommy Dreamer.  More participants in Tournament of Death XII were announced LIVE on  But the most important question of the night was expected to be answered when DJ Hyde stepped into the main event against Sami Callihan.  For weeks, Hyde has been torturing Callihan with some secret.  Last night, Hyde planned on revealing the secret whether Callihan liked it or not.  Find out what the secret was NOW on  But if you cannot wait to find out what happened, please continue reading.

Quick Results:
Shane Hollister def. Andrew Everett & Caleb Konley in a Best of the Best XII Rewind

Nevaeh def. Jessicka Havok in a Bombshells Grudge Match

BLK OUT successfully defended the CZW Tag Team Championships against The Beaver Boys

Matt Tremont vs. Joe Gacy ruled a No Contest
Gacy has been the only man to truly slow the momentum of the Bulldozer.  At Proving Grounds it was no different.  Gacy used a dog collar and chain to tie the Bulldozer to the corner and proceed to beat him multiple times with a steel chair and a barbed wire wrapped steel chair.  The referee was forced to make a controversial decision to cancel the contest in the interest of Tremont’s health.

Greg Excellent def. Tracey Smothers
Greg Excellent was able to unseat the hardcore legend, despite the unlikely distraction from Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb.

Naptown Dragons def. the Nation of Intoxication
Danny Havoc and Lucky 13 of the Nation of Intoxication called Drake Younger out to choose who is opponent would be for the night.  To the surprise of EVERYONE, Scotty Vortekz jumped the guardrail and into the ring to create an impromptu Tag Team Match.  Following the Naptown Dragons’ victory, Younger entered Vortekz into Tournament of Death specifically to stop any members of the Nation of Intoxication from winning.  But before the Dragons’ could continue to celebrate, Devon Moore came running out wielding a barbed wire bat.  Moore then challenged Younger to a Non-Tournament Match at Tournament of Death XII!

Jake Crist w/Nevaeh def. Pepper Parks w/Cherry Bomb via Count-out
Following intermission, Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb were in the ring attempting to give more fitness advice to the CZW audience.  This prompted Jake Crist to give Parks a piece of his mind.  Crist, whose match with MASADA was cancelled due to an injury MASADA suffered earlier at the WSU Queen and King of the Ring, challenged the fitness expert to a match.  Just when it was obvious that Parks wasn’t going to win, Parks walked out of the match taking the disqualification loss.

The Campaign for a Better Combat Zone Address
Drew Gulak, along with his entire Campaign, gave a rousing speech to the CZW fans across the world.  The speech was seemingly designed to gain the trust and support of the loyal CZW fans.  Although many were weary of his intentions, he seemingly gained more support.  Time will tell how long this support will last.

Shane Strickland, AR Fox, & Tommy Dreamer def. 4Loco
Alex Colon along with 4Loco came out to address his victory in last month’s Best of the Best XII.  The speech seemed to revolve around his hatred towards AR Fox, who he beat in the finals.  It led AR Fox to arrive ready for a fight…  But he didn’t come alone.  He called out Shane Strickland and Tommy Dreamer to assist him the impromptu Six Man Tag.  In the end, it was Strickland who got the win for his team.  But in a moment that has to be seen to be believed…  Tommy Dreamer, with the aid of a Sorority Sister from the audience, danced in victory!

Sami Callihan def. DJ Hyde
For the last month, Hyde kept claiming he would reveal Callihan’s secret.  The secret was clearly something Callihan did not want to share with the world.  It was a secret in which many felt would result in a victory for DJ Hyde.  At the end of the brawl which nearly tore down the Flyers Skate Zone, Callihan was victorious.  Callihan would then take the microphone and simply say “I’m sorry…  I love you.”  He then walked out of Proving Grounds and seemingly CZW with no fan fare.  It is believed to be the last time Callihan will step foot inside the Combat Zone.


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