• 05/12/2013 (11:19:38 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

La Rosa Negra defeated Santana Garrett via submission in a fast paced back and forth match. In the eyes of PWS ownership this was hands down the best match to ever occur at PWS Bombshells and thusly set the bar VERY high for anyone to follow.

Alicia pinned Sumie Sakai. Both competitors fought hard and had the admiration of the crowd.

Silvie Silver defeated Angel Orsini. In a confusing moment Silvie headbutted a fan. It later came out via a David Adams ringside interview that Silvie is the Russian mail order bride of John Silver. Hmm.

Amazing Kong defeated Amy Lee in a First Blood Match. This match was a slug fest from start to finish. Chairs, a singpaore cane, and a base of the guardrails were used as weapons. The crowd was behind Kong but applauded the bloodied Amy for her efforts.

Amber Rodriguez defeated Cherry Layne and established herself as a popular youngster in PWS Bombshells.
Shelly Martinez defeated Serena Deeb. The crowd was mixed on this one and at one point it appeared Serena had suffered a concussion to the point she was carried to the back by PWS officials, only to storm the ring back after Shelly. This was a memorable match that personally exceeded expectations all around.

Bombshells Champion Missy Sampson defeated Mickie Knuckles in a hard hitting match which was honestly the best Missy Sampson match seen at PWS Bombshells which includes Missy picking up Wins over various other stars to capture the belt. After the match Missy grabbed the microphone from the sparkling clad ring announcer David Adams to make it clear that she would defend the Title anytime anywhere. Perhaps she got her wish as La Rosa Negra hit the ring with ref Kevin Keenan. Soon after La Rosa pounced on Sampson and began hammer punching her in the face. Ref Keenan threw her off only for La Rosa to resume the mounted position with more punches being thrown to Sampson's face. At this point Ref Keenan called for the bell as Sampson could not defend herself. La Rosa Negra was crowned the new PWS Bombshells Champion and will defend on June 8th against Angelina Love at PWS "Dream On" in Monroe NJ.
This was met with MUCH controversy by the crowd as a ref stoppage match finish is not typically seen in pro wrestling and perhaps only familiar to the MMA world. A lot of the crowd rallied behind Sampson whom has previously been booed on every Bombshells event as she made it clear that she was not pinned and did not submit. On the flipside Ref Keenan did call for the bell after the popular La Rosa dominated Sampson to the point of no defense.

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