• 06/17/2005 (6:02:21 pm)
  • Georgiann Makropoulos

Thumb up for DVD

WWE home video never ceases to amaze me.

With maybe one exception, each and every DVD package they create on a specific talent, whether current or classic, has been nothing short of a tremendous myriad of information, entertainment, and enjoyment.

The same can be said for the newest package depicting the careers of the most dominating tag team ever to rock the AWA, WCW, and WWE, the Legion of Doom, Animal & Hawk, the Road Warriors.

The two disc package chronologically details their career from the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, all the way to the lights and cameras of Monday Night Raw. Through the eyes of Road Warrior Animal, the upbringing, and birth of the tag team that became legendary almost instantly was illustrated in explicit detail. Their alliance with Precious Paul Ellering, to the bond that was shared between them, any facts that a fan of the Road Warriors is looking for can be found in this set.

Extras? They got plenty. I haven't found any easter eggs yet, but there's a ton of promo's, interviews, and segments to parouse, including stuff from the AWA, WCW, and of course, WWE. One of my personal favorites was the scaffold match, back from Starrcade 1986, when the L.o.D. took out James E. Cornette and the Midnight Express. Matches can be found on this package dating back as far as 1986 leading up to 1997.

If there is one flaw to this tremendous DVD, it is the fact that, although they lost, it was not shown, the L.o.D.'s apparent last match in WWE, against RVD & Kane, back on Raw when Van Dam & Kane held the tag team titles. I don't remember the exact date. There's a portion of that match, a small one, shown on the Confidential segments that paid tribute to the life of Mike Hegstrand, but, I would've thought that match should have been a part of this package.

Nevertheless, that is a knitpick to a very well put together, enjoyable package of entertainment and information about a tag team that will forever live on as legends of the sport of professional wrestling. In short, a must buy.

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