• 02/21/2013 (6:14:29 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

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Ric Flair interview with Florida Today
Woo! When it comes to pro wrestling, superstar wrestler Ric Flair and his daughter, a relative newcomer to the sport, certainly know how to put the flair in the ring.

Flair, aka the "Nature Boy" who's well-known for his "Woo!," will appear with Ashley Fliehr, now known as NXT Diva Charlotte, Sunday afternoon at the Melbourne Auditorium as part of the WWE NXT tour. Flair's costumes are elaborate, his bleached blond hair slicked back, and his physique top notch even after 40 years of wear and tear from wrestling. We chat with him and find out what it's like to share the ring with Charlotte.

QUESTION:What was your reaction when your daughter, Ashley, aka NXT Diva Charlotte, said she wanted to become a pro wrestler?

Flair: She surprised me. I took her to Wrestlemania in Miami in 2012. All my friends have known her forever. She was playing sports in college, and she was an all-American cheerleader. I think just being around all the guys that weekend just sold her on it. Three months later she was in Tampa training. It's very cool. It runs in the family; her brother is in Tokyo wrestling.

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