• 06/02/2013 (11:03:32 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Yesterday,Kelli and I went to Wizardworld in Philadelphia,PA. to meet WWF/E Hall Of Famer Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat,WWF/E Wrestler Daniel Bryan and Star Trek Icon William Shatner.
Wow! Wizardworld was a zoo! Don't get me wrong. I loved the experience. But lines were outrageously long. The Wrestling fans came out in full force for Bryan and Steamboat. Getting the Photo Ops was easy. I just got Steamboat. I am a big Steamboat fan and watched him since 1980.
For the autograph line...That was a mess at the beginning. I was really afraid that I wasn't going to get Bryan or Steamboat's autograph. Thank goodness,One of the staff overturned an annoying volunteer and made the line longer and safer. Once this staff member got the line under control. It took about 15 minutes to meet Bryan and Steamboat. I could only get Bryan's autograph because funds were limited. I couldn't get a picture with him. Still...He is a great guy and someone that the WWF/E should be grateful to have on their roster. Steamboat is a class act!! I talked with him for a couple of minutes for the autograph signing and the photo op. He is still in Great Shape.
Overall a great experience. I have to remember to get VIP packages next time. William Shatner was great with Kelli. I want to thank Ricky Steamboat and Daniel Bryan for coming to Wizardworld. I have a picture of Ricky Steamboat and I from Wizardworld  plus the autograph Picture that Daniel Bryan signed for me. Thank you to www.Wrestlingfigs.com for continuing to be the best place to find out where your favorite wrestlers will be for autograph signings.
Stephen Faust  Easton, PA

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