• 12/30/2012 (2:22:20 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

MOONEYHAM COLUMN: Rip ‘The Profile’ Hawk leaves lasting legacy

It’s a tough pill to swallow when one of your childhood heroes passes away.

It’s even tougher when that hero is one of your best friends.

Rip Hawk, who was born Harvey Maurice Evers, died Dec. 22 in Hereford, Texas. He had been in and out of hospitals for much of the past year, and had spent the last several weeks in a rehabilitation center.

Rip was 82 years old when the final bell tolled. I can only imagine what those doctors, nurses and caregivers must have thought as Rip passed through the final stages of his life.

If only they could have known the Rip Hawk I knew.

Rip’s obituary noted that he was a former professional wrestler and a personal trainer at the local YMCA.

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