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  • Georgiann Makropoulos

Steiner Off The Recliner….

Steiner off the recliner
Miami Herald Writer

In the summer 2004, Scott Steiner was released by WWE and stepped out of the wrestling spotlight. After receiving therapy from the removal of six screws in his left foot, Big Poppa Pump is exploring the possibility of a comeback.

''All my freaks have been calling me from the east coast to west coast and all states in between,'' said Steiner. ``There is nothing finer than Scott Steiner.''

Never lacking confidence or athletic ability, the former WCW champ and University of Michigan All-American is ready to put his body to the test, stemming from injuries during a 20-year career.

''My back is fine,'' said Steiner known for his finishers like the Steiner Recliner. ``I am just rehabbing my foot. Nerve damage takes a lot of time.''

Freakzilla hopes to reclaim some of the dominance he once boasted in WCW. The outspoken superstar was afforded a promising push during his initial run with WWE beginning in 2002 including a championship title program with Triple H.

However, this would not last long, as he would quickly get moved from the main event scene and relegated to mid-card status -- a fate which Steiner claims WCW alum continue to face once they become a WWE star.

''I don't think anyone from WCW got a fair shake,'' said Steiner, who won every major championship in WCW as well as countless titles from around the world including the coveted IWGP tag titles with his brother Rick in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

``Look what happened to Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, [Bill] Goldberg. We all got treated the same. Nobody got pushed. I couldn't even do my own material for interviews.

``They would not let me do my character. I was handcuffed. If Vince [McMahon] did not create you or did not own your name like he does with Stone Cold and The Rock, for example, he won't give you the push you deserve. Here is a small example how screwed up things were up there.

'I had to explain to them my catch phase, `This goes to all my freaks out there. Big Poppa Pump is your hook up. Holla if you here me.' They did not understand what it meant.''

During the final 1 ½ years of his WWE contract, he was allowed the opportunity to recuperate physically and work extensively on his website. The site allows the veteran to communicate with his fans and update his progress.

He also includes information on his workout program which gave him one of the most impressive physiques on the planet. However the time away didn't change what made the controversial personality a breakout singles superstar.

''I am still Big Poppa Pump,'' said Steiner. ``My philosophy is still the same. I enjoy my freaks and my peaks.''

Steiner looks toward his return match as a way of seeing what limitations he might have in the ring. He remains levelheaded on the future.

''I am going to see how this first match goes, and then I will make a decision,'' said Steiner. ``As far as NWA/TNA being an option, I think the fans definitely want another option.

``WWE has obviously disappointed many and did not pick up most of the WCW audience. When I was in the WWE the writing was horrendous and has gotten worse. Most of the wrestlers up there now are miserable.''

Scott Steiner recently made an appearance at a Universal Championship Wrestling (UCW) show in Asheville, N.C.

UCW is an independent promotion attempting to resurrect the WCW brand with several of its former stars including Scott and Rick Steiner, Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger. Visit

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