• 07/03/2013 (1:02:48 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Once again I had the pleasure of meeting Shelly Martinez. This time it was at The Wrestling Guy Store in Huntington Park, California on July 1st, 2013. The day was hot and humid. Everyone was sweating up a storm and it was miserable outside. My friend Shannon and I showed up to the store to find a tv in the back left corner with WWE RAW on it. They had chairs setup for people to watch. Families were relaxing inside the store which was hotter than outside due to the air conditioner wasn't working.
They had a table set up with a few photos and a printer in the back to print out photo ops for Shelly to sign. Shelly showed up and watched RAW with everyone. Little by little, more people would show up, Shelly would take her time chatting with them, signing pics, and making sure every photo taken was perfect. Watching her interact with her fans was totally awesome. She was totally engaged in getting to know everyone and really gave that extra special experience that you don't get at many meets.
We stuck around for a good hour and a half watching RAW and chatting with Shelly off and on, and taking pics. There were a bunch of guys outside in the parking lot staring through the window the whole time. The owner of the shop let us know these guys were saying how much they wanted to meet Shelly for weeks yet were standing outside. Shelly went up to the window and stared back at them. At this moment I began laughing. She proceeded to walk outside and spoke with them playfully. I recorded the entire thing. Finally they came into the shop.
I had a great time that night. The hot, humid, nasty, weather didn't matter anymore once Shelly showed up.  I took a couple of pics with her, she signed a couple of things for me, and she even came up with a cool idea, and shot a video with me for an AWESOME SHOW called The Sunday Nite Stu, which you can watch LIVE, LIVE, LIVE, on Sunday Nights at 9pm PST/12am EST @
If you ever have a chance to meet Shelly find some time and do so. She is a sweetheart. Shelly truely appreciates her fans.
Todd Fulkerson
Todd's Autograph Arena

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