• 06/21/2005 (5:07:59 pm)
  • Georgiann Makropoulos

Bang TV is now Available 24/7

Special from the Funking Conservatory
!BANG! TV is Now Available 24 / 7

Our latest streaming video has been posted on our web site at:

It is from Valdosta, Georgia/Spinebuster Championship Wrestling on June 19th, 2005. (Dory Funk Jr. and Johnny Magnum with Devin McCullough vs Big Mike Hall and Super Paul. This brings the number of streaming video postings on our web site to 13, (210 minutes) or about three hours of television broadcasting. !BANG! also airs weekly three times on Fox 51 / WOGX in Central Florida. !BANG! TV is now in it's 215th consecutive week of production. We also have available for sale, 13 DVD's of !BANG! TV on our web site at http://www.dory-funk.com/web-store.html.

The Funking conservatory is the leader in television broadcasting among all wrestling schools. Our training is is three areas, Safety, Television and In Ring Performance. Over 800 students have come through our program over the last 9 years with no serious injuries.

Many of the alumni of our training program have made it to the big time including last night's Raw performers, Edge, Christian, Lita, Gene Sniski, Kurt Angle and more were in attendance. At the Funking conservatory, our priorities are Safety, Creative Performance and Television.

Rob Van Dam will be at the Funking Conservatory June 26 to work on our athlete's performance, observe their performance and meet and greet our wrestling fans. Rob is one of the most creative and exciting performers in the business today. His last appearance was spectacular at the ECW Pay Per View where his shoot interview impressed many only to be at the losing end of a spear by Rhino. Rob returned to the ring even though he was wearing a knee brace from a previous injury and bashed Rhino in the head with a drop-kick into his hand held chair, quite an athletic feat resulting in a victory for Sabu over Rhino.

Join us for the show with Rob Van Dam on June 6th or join our three week training program that will lead you to !BANG! TV. Call 352-895-4658 or visit our web site at
www.dory-funk.com for more information. You can become a TV star with only three weeks of training here at the Funking Conservatory. We can make you a better performer at any level.

Marti Funk  -  Producer of !BANG! TV

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