• 06/17/2014 (1:48:10 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Below is a statement from Bret Hart's Agent Kirk White concerning the events of Bret's appearance at the Wrestling Universe in Queens, NY last week.

In fairness we posted a statement from store owner Jack Saboth, then a perspective from a fan that attended the signing. We will not be posting anything further on this issue as all sides have been given fair opportunity.

"I thought I would respond into last weekend at the wrestling universe store. I spoke to Jack on Wednesday and let him know that Bret needs to be out of there no later than 2:10  on Sunday. I told him I would have him there early to start the line and give him a little extra time.

The flight back to Calgary was the last flight that day. When Bret arrived he was taken to the back of the store and sat at a table and signed 35 figures according to Jack then started the session at 12. I had a friend of mine who took Bret to the appearance call me at 1:20 and let me know there was still 200 people in line and they were still selling tickets. I spoke to Jack then and asked why they were still selling tickets ? He never answered me nor when I asked how many tickets did he sell no answer again.

I've worked with Bret for over 15 years he has never just walked out of an appearance in all the time we have done business , he is one of the most accommodating guys out there. I thought it was the promoters job on keeping track on how many tickets are sold not the talent. You can't expect anyone to sign 600 autographs in two hours.

The question to the promoter from the fans should be why didn't they start the line right when Bret got there instead of getting his stuff signed? Bret came in the back door and left out the back door.

When they left Jack was no where to be found. Bret fulfilled his obligation and then some. The fans issue's are with the store not Bret. 

Sorry for any inconvenience and to any fans who didn't meet Bret, he's one wrestler that appreciates his fans. 



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