• 06/09/2014 (10:22:49 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Hey guys...Just wanted to clear up a bunch of things...I know things didn't run smoothly this past Sunday, IM VERY SORRY ABOUT THAT....With that being said, I think us letting in the VIP's first hurt the whole thing....Bret Hart takes his time signing (which can be a good thing because he does have a nice signature), but it also takes more time.

We have done 100's of appearances over the past 20 years and this is the first time something like this happened so to the people going insane on the internet, we are human and for the first time in over 20 years of appearances, this 1 did not go well....IM VERY SORRY ABOUT THAT.

Now, with that also being said, I myself went to the back where Bret was signing to speed up the process but we really didn't expect the amount of fans that came out (that's NOT an excuse, just stating a fact).
For those that asked for refunds we have started the process....For those that are on the call list for when Bret Hart returns to The Wrestling Universe, we spoke to Bret's agent today and we are possibly looking at the weekend BEFORE Labor day, we will know for sure in the next few days....Those that already paid and are on our list WILL BE THE FIRST ONES TO SEE BRET HART when he returns to The Wrestling Universe.
AND, From now on ALL Wrestling Universe Appearances will have no time limit, The Appearances will go on UNTIL LINE COMPLETION....I don't care how small or big the star is, every last customer on that line will get in because the talent WILL STAY to the very end.
Now, another I was trying to get a few more fans through, I went to the back room where Bret was signing to see if we can get a few more customers through, I found out that Bret JUST WALKED OUT THE BACK DOOR without saying anything to anyone...He didn't thank us or let us know he was leaving.. More importantly he didn't go out the front door and thank the fans that came to see him, he left me to do damage control...Now I know it's my store, but they came to see Bret, not me...But we did handle everything, we will get Bret back in.
Im sorry to those that lost 2 hours of their lives, if there is anything The Wrestling Universe can do to make things right please let us know.....Ive been running appearances for the past 20 plus years, devoted my life to this business and my customers, so for those that know me KNOW if there was ANYTHING I could have done to make this past appearance better I would have.....From now on ALL APPEARANCES ARE UNTIL LINE COMPLETION, no more 2 hour appearances for any wrestling appearances at The Wrestling Universe.
More details on Bret's return to The Wrestling Universe coming soon.


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