• 06/25/2013 (6:18:27 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Bobby Riedel and Integrity Booking should be proud of the evening they presented with the legendary Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. As much as I do in this business, hosting my radio show and commentating, ultimately I'm still a fan and last night was the ultimate fan experience!


There are so many signings, events & appearances out there that are designed to meet wrestlers. It's great to be able to shake hands with a legend, maybe talk for 30 seconds, but then you're sent on you're way. What's lost is the history, the stories, just being able to pick the brain of someone who has done so much in the business.


This event gave us that which was lost. For one price not only to be able to receive dinner (by the way Dough Boys pizza rocked!), an autograph and a picture with Mr. Dibiase, but you were given time with a legend. That is priceless. Bobby Riedel did a great job at giving everyone a fair amount of time with Dibiase as he was rotated to each table for each hour of RAW. He told stories of yesteryear, gave his thoughts on RAW and for me, he gave pointers on how to be a better commentator.

Advice from a legend?…yeah, I'd say the evening was more than worth it. Just the night of hanging out with other wrestling fans, making new friends and watching RAW made it a fun night, but to insert a Hall of Fame legend made it incredible. Bobby Riedel and Integrity Booking should be very proud of the remarkable evening they put together. This fan's only hope is that more evenings like this will follow.


Ken Reedy

Commentator/Host- Wrestling on Fire

Host-The Ken Reedy Show: The Best in Pro-Wrestling Talk


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