• 10/05/2013 (10:45:41 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Thanks to Allan for this report & photos

I flew all the way from Los Angeles to Willcox, AZ to attend Mr. DiBiase's appearance as part of the annual Rex Allen rodeo event. Although, I had met him twice before, it's always an honor to see my favorite wrestler and childhood idol from the 80's.

He had a table set-up in one of the local Willcox eateries. He was very approachable, friendly, and we chatted for a good 10 minutes about his sons Ted Jr. and Brett. Mr. DiBiase was very appreciative of me making the trip from CA to see him in his hometown.

I finally got him to sign my NWO promo photo, as well as my custom made MDM $100 bill. Mr. DiBiase is a true class act and always treats his fans very well. I encourage every wrestling fan to meet this true legend. You will not be disappointed.


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