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  • Alan Wojcik

Many WWE superstars backstage. On scale of 1 to 10, PPV is an 11 to many readers….

TNA Unbreakable PPV Report   by Alan Wojcik

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Sorry to get mushy in the beginning of this live report but I am in a fog. As a native of New York City it feels a little weird to be sitting here in Universal Studios on the anniversary of the loss of the World Trade Center towers, but I have to be her since TNA Wrestling decided to hold their September PPV, entitled UNBREAKABLE tonight. According to the TNA website members of the Candido family were in attendance. As were several Spike TV executives, Lex Lovett, Kenzo Suzuki, TE 2’s Hawk and Kenny King and artists formerly known as the Dudley Boys. Sign of the night: “WWE Owns My Name.”

The show was opened with the traditional pre-show hosted by Jeremy Borash and “the Franchise” Shane Douglas (see ). Traci Brooks spoke to Larry Zybzsko about the rumors of incoming talent. Larry said everyone is calling but he isn’t talking about it. Traci asked about Raven’s request to make his match a “Raven’s Rules” match. Larry granted the request.

The match between “Mr. 630” Jerrelle Clark and Cassidy Reilly was stopped after “Alpha Male” Monty Brown took the ring hostage. Brown POUNCED Reilly before taking the house mic. Brown said he would not sit on the back burner anymore and he claimed to deserve some respect. Brown declared he challenged Raven/Rhino to a match for the title at Bound For Glory. This was not met well by Jeff Jarrett who came to the ring. Jarrett claimed to be losing his hearing and ignored Brown’s challenge to Raven/Rhino. Jarrett claimed there were more unemployed wrestlers in the backstage area then on the TNA roster. Kip James came out to be the mediator before any violence occurred. Jarrett claimed he deserved to wear the NWA World title before TNA arrived on Spike TV. This brought out Jeff Hardy who decided talking was overrated and ran to the ring to fight with Jarrett all over the place.

Traci spoke to AJ Styles about his match with Samoa Joe and NWA World X Division champion “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels.

Shark Boy defeated “Straight Up” Mikey Batts.

The main show began with David Sahadi and Kevin Sullivan’s cold opening (for those in the lack of info, a cold opening means any video package to open an event, a hot opening is when the opening is multiple live crowd shots.) Included in the opening were the stadiums used by the Tennessee Titans and Vanderbilt University. Apparently the PPV was sponsored by Gretchen Wilson’s CD “All Jacked Up.”

(1) 3 Live Kru (Konnan, Ron Killings and BG James) defeated Diamonds in the Rough (Simon Diamond, “Prime Time” Elix Skipper and David Young).

3LK did their usual banter on the stick before they took the fight to the Diamonds in the Rough. 3LK had control until Young reversed BG James and Skipper hit a top rope leg lariat. The Diamond team took over on James but couldn’t get the pin or submission. James survived and tagged in Konnan who threw his shoe at Young and hit Diamond with a modified pedigree.

Mike Tenay and Don West spoke on camera and they threw it to a recap of the Brown/Jarrett/Kip James/Jeff Hardy pre-show get together.

(2) Austin Aires defeated “Master of the Backbreaker” Roderick Strong (sporting his ROH/GN tights.)

Both men tried to take the other to the mat with armbars and headlocks but they each had a counter to any move applied. Strong began delivering forearms and tossed Aires into the turnbuckles hard. Strong began to use his arsenal of backbreakers on Aires but couldn’t get a pin. Strong took Aires to the mat for some submission moves including a chinlock but didn’t get a win that way either. Aries escaped the chinlock but ran into a leg lariat. Strong hit some chest chops but Aires fired back with forearms and chops of his own. Aires tried to hit Strong with an acecrusher over the ropes but didn’t get all of it. So he hit a corkscrew splash for two. Strong fired back with a fireman’s carry into a gutbuster and an Otani kick but got two. Aires got a small package for two but Strong got a slingshot into the buckles. Aires got the hard fought win by hitting a top rope 450 splash. During the match the crowd chanted “Please Sign Roderick.”

The crowd chanted “That Was Awesome” as Shane Douglas interviewed Kip James and Monty Brown. James suggested Brown apologize to Jarrett but Brown was focused on tonight’s match. A “Bound For Glory promo played. Kind of cool seeing the Nashville Parthenon in the video.

(3) “Alpha Male” Monty Brown and Kip James defeated Lance Hoyt and Apolo.

Siaki was injured at the hands of Brown, so Hoyt stepped into his place. Saiki came out wearing a neckbrace but his partner talked him into returning to the locker room. Brown and James still look pre-occupied with the pre show stuff and Hoyt/Apolo controlled the opening minutes of the bout. James tossed Hoyt to the ropes but Brown hit him with a double axhandle to the back. Brown and James tagged in and out trying to wear down Hoyt, despite the Hoyt-A-Maniacs cheering their man on. Hoyt fought back with punches to the corner but Brown hit a back suplex. James tagged in but got a double clothesline with Hoyt who finally tagged in Apolo. Apolo hit Brown with a Sky High Slam for two. James hit the Famouser. Hoyt his top rope moonsault but Brown tossed Hoyt to the floor. James kicked Brown in the face by mistake. Apolo superkicked James but got two. Apolo had James ready for an F5 but Brown pulled James off Apolo’s shoulders. Brown reversed an Irish whip and delivered the POUNCE!!!!

Traci Brooks interviewed Team Canada about their respective matches. Williams came to the ring with Abyss’ music by mistake but the Canadian anthem played.

(4) “The Future” Chris Sabin defeated Team Canada’s Petey Williams.

Being opponents several times over, one huge error would have to occur to gain victory. The action was in and out of the ring and Williams avoided Sabin’s ring jump and Sabin hit the barricades. Williams brought Sabin back to the ring and got two. Williams taught the fans the opening words to his anthem as he stood on Sabin’s crotch. This was followed by a backbreaker for two. Sabin fought back but his attempted power bomb was countered by Williams into a tornado DDT for two. Williams locked in a straight jacket chinlock but Sabin fought to his feet, only to be clotheslined back to the mat. Williams began to trash talk Sabin as he delivered a dropkick to the neck of Sabin. Sabin and Williams traded forearms before Sabin avoided contact and sent Williams to the top but Sabin dropkicked him in the back. Chest chops and forearms flew but Sabin got a two count after hitting a fisherman buster. Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer but Sabin countered so Williams locked in the Sharpshooter, only to have Sabin make it to the ropes. Sabin hit a tornado DDT for two. Williams countered out of a flip of sorts and hit Sabin with a legsweep. Williams and Sabin traded counters but Williams locked in the Sharpshooter once more, this time Williams released the hold. Sabin paid Williams back with a running Razor’s Edge into the second turnbuckle. Sabin went for the Cradle Shock but Williams raked his eyes. After dropping Williams, Sabin wandered around the ring. Williams tossed the referee into Sabin and was close to hitting the Cradle Shock. Sabin released the referee and Williams went for the Destroyer once again but Sabin finally hit the Cradle Shock to win the match.

After the match MATT BENTLEY hit the ring knocking out both opponents and saying at “Bound For Glory” he wanted an Ultimate X match.

A video on Abyss and Jim Mitchell played as T-shirts went flying into the crowd.

(5) Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell dressed like a pimp) defeated Sabu.

Mitchell talked on the mic about the destruction that awaited Sabu, making this a NO DQ Match. The match began with some hard hitting punches, kicks and chops. Sabu went to the floor after being hit with a belly to belly suplex. Sabu came back to the ruing with a chair in hand and hit an Arabian Facebuster for two. This was followed by a double jump clothesline that sent Abyss over the ropes. Sabu went with him and a table came into play. Sabu went to the ring and came out again with a tope. The action came into the ring and Abyss was lodged in the ropes. Sabu went for a move to send Abyss into the table but it was Sabu who hit the tables, thanks to a belly to belly suplex from Abyss. Abyss dragged Sabu back to the ring for two. Abyss got a table and came into the ring but Sabu hit him three times with a chair. Sabu got two and went outside with the chair in hand and hit Abyss with an Arabian Facebuster through the table. Sabu thought he got three but Mitchell placed Abyss’ leg on the rope. Sabu argued with Mitchell and Abyss took the opening to hit Shock Treatment. The crowd called for thumb tacks and Abyss obliged them. Sabu countered a chokeslam and went for a springboard DDT but he ended up being slammed into the tacks back first. Needless to say Abyss got the pin and the cleanup began.

As the cleanup took place, Shane Douglas spoke to Alex Shelley about where Sean Waltman was tonight. Shelley claimed he had no idea and said either way he would wrestle tonight.

(6) Team Canada’s Bobby Roode defeated Jeff Hardy.

Roode jumped Hardy as he posed for the fans. Hardy fought back the way he knows to, with kicks and high flying flips to the floor. Back in the ring Hardy went up top but Roode cut him off dropping Hardy on the ropes, throat first. Roode hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and tried for a submission but Hardy refused to tap out. Roode went for a back stretch but Hardy refused to submit. Roode pulled out the Val Venis running knees. Hardy began the high flying moves again. Hardy hit an STO and went up for the Swanton but Petey Williams came out and cut him off. Roode climbed up for a superplex but Hardy sent him into the ring. Hardy looked at Williams and Roode came up for a belly to belly suplex for two. Williams distracted Hardy as Roode went for the flagpole. Hardy hit Williams and Roode missed with the lag and was hit with the Twist of Fate. Roode rolled to the floor and hit Roode and Williams with a bodyblock. As Roode rolled into the ring Williams went to hit Hardy with the Canadian Destroyer on the floor but Hardy blocked it. However he never saw Jeff Jarrett hit him from behind twice with the flag pole, breaking the stick on Hardy. Roode got the pin.

The video played to remind the fans how the following match came to be. Shane Douglas spoke to the champions and their manager about the match but America’s Most Wanted stopped them before they could talk.

(7) In an elimination match, NWA World Tag Team champions the Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Chris Candido Memorial Cup winners Alex Shelley (minus “Syxx-Pac” Sean Waltman, supposedly on his way back north, was replaced mid match by Johnny Candido) vs. Team Canada (“Showtime” Eric Young and A1) vs. America’s Most Wanted (“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris).

When they got to ringside, he Naturals gave Chris Candido’s dad and brother the yellow towel they brought to the ring at Hard Justice. The eliminations occurred in this order:

**Team Canada eliminated Alex Shelley and Johnny Candido after Young hit Candido with a low blow into a small package.

**Team Canada eliminated AMW by hitting Harris with the hockey stick in the mid-section and getting a pin.

**The Naturals defeated Team Canada after Jimmy Hart stopped Eric Young’s attempted top rope move and A1 was hit with the “Natural Disaster.”

“The Bound For Glory” PPV spot played again as the Naturals received a standing ovation. After Tenay and West spoke on camera, Shane Douglas spoke to Rhino who shot on his former employers and Raven.

They played a video recapping how Rhino and Raven got to their match tonight.

(8) In a “Raven’s Rules” match, NWA World Heavyweight champion Raven defeated Rhino.

Raven came to the ring with a shopping cart full of goodies surely to be used in the match. Early on kendo sticks, crutches, martial arts chuck things were used. Raven used a pizza carver to open up Rhino’s head. Raven hit Rhino with cookie sheets before bringing Rhino to the floor. Raven got a ladder but Rhino hit him with a beer keg, hopefully tapped out. Raven returned the favor using the keg on Rhino and going to the ring, where Raven hit Rhino in the head with a kendo stick shot. Raven went for a submission via the ankle lock but didn’t get Rhino to tap. Rhino went to the floor with Raven in one hand and a chair in the other. Next came a garbage can to Raven’s head. Back to the ring the action went once more. Raven was apparently busted open by the garbage can. Rhino put the can in front of Raven’s face and delivered a running boot. Rhino went for an Otani kick but Raven caught his foot and locked in the ankle lock again. This time Rhino escaped via a garbage can shot and got the staple gun, firing some into Raven’s head. Rhino went up top but missed Raven with the splash, hitting a chair instead. Raven hit the punches and discus clothesline, followed by another clothesline and a bulldog for two. Raven set up a chair as Cassidy Reilly came out to cheer Raven on. Rhino used this chance to use the ladder, but Raven power bombed Rhino into it for a two count. Raven placed the ladder on the ropes and Rhino sent it into Raven’s face. Rhino went to the floor and sent Raven’s shopping cart into the ring. Raven was waiting and sent the cart into Rhino’s ribs. Rhino went for the GORE into the cart but Raven moved and Rhino hit the cart. Jeff Jarrett ran out to attack Raven with the title belt but Jeff Hardy came out to stop him. Raven caught Jarrett in the ring and hit the Raven Effect. Rhino got to his feet and was hit by the Raven Effect.

As the ring was cleared a video recapping the X Division title picture played.

(9) In a three way dance, “the Phenomenal” AJ Styles became a five time NWA World X Division champion by defeating “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe.

TNA has done the smart thing and pushed Joe as the killing machine that he is. Daniels trash talked at the bell before being attacked by Styles and Joe. Styles and Joe hit Daniels in the back with several kicks trying to top each other on their severity. Styles went to work on Joe with several pinning attempts but Joe locked in an armbreaker. Daniels stopped any submission but Joe hit him with an enziguri. Joe went back to work on Styles with kicks but Daniels cut off an attempted Ole kick. Daniels hit Joe with an enziguri and Styles with a bulldog for two. Styles sent Daniels into Joe’s waiting arms and Daniels got hit with a standing STO. Styles hit Daniels with a Stinger Splash but Joe caught Styles in mid-air and delivered a suplex. Joe facewashed Styles and went for the Ole kick but Daniels sent him to the floor with a tackle. Daniels followed with a tope and soon after Styles hit Daniels and Joe with one of his own that got the crowd to their feet. Styles rolled Joe into the ring and got two. Styles hit Joe with a dropkick after avoiding several rope runs. Daniels came back into the ring and corner whipped Styles. Joe and Daniels used some team work as Daniels went for a monkey flip and Styles ended up hitting Joe with a flying head scissor. With Styles on the floor Daniels and Joe traded hard hitting shots until Joe locked in the Kokina Clutch. While this happened Styles hit both of them with the Spiral Tap and he covered Joe and Daniels each for two. Daniels sent Styles to the floor once more so he could hit Joe with an STO before going for the BME but Styles rolled in the ring to cut him off. Daniels got stuck in the Tree of Woe and was fair game for Styles kicks and Joe running dropkick to the face of the champion. Joe hit Styles with an inverted atomic drop, a running boot and a Swanton bomb for two. Daniels got back in the match and took Styles to the floor where blocked each others moonsaults, only to see both be hit by Joe’s corkscrew dive over the top rope. Joe went for the Muscle buster but Daniels blocked it and Styles came up to Daniels on the top rope, only to see Joe come back up and bring both of them off the top. Styles unloaded several punches on Joe’s head but Joe unloaded a German suplex on Styles. Joe hit Styles with the Muscle Buster and hit Daniels with a Powerslam. Joe took the title belt from Daniels but Daniels kicked it into Joe’s face after the referee couldn’t get it from Joe. Daniels hit Styles with a Falcon’s Arrow for two and followed with an STO. Daniels hit the BME but Joe broke up the pin with kicks, only to be hit by Daniels’ Last Rites. Styles hit Daniels with the float over inverted DDT for two. Daniels superplexed Styles but didn’t follow with a pin. Joe crawled into the ring and covered both men for two counts. Joe hit Daniels with a power bomb but got two. Joe locked Daniels in the STF as Mikey Batts interrupted me to say this was the best match of 2005. Daniels didn’t submit and Joe hooked up Styles who locked Joe in the Torture Rack before attempting a pinfall. Daniels grabbed Styles got a suplex but Styles countered into the Styles Clash but the pin was stopped by Joe. Daniels was whipped to the ropes by Joe but Daniels stopped his momentum and Joe’s tope met the floor. Daniels and Styles traded punches before Daniels locked in the Angel’s Wings, only to have Styles counter Daniels into a backdrop while still holding Daniels arms. This allowed Styles to get the pin and the title again. The crowd chanted Match of the Year and gave all three men a standing ovation.

According to some fans that went to the hotel TNA talent uses Sean Waltman was there in the lobby dressed in his ring gear selling his shirts and pictures.


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