• 09/23/2012 (10:10:42 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Featuring Roddy Piper..


Here is my little report on Top of the World 10 Wrestling event ''Stardom'' held in Montréal last Friday before an estimated 650 fans.

First there was the ''Piper Experience'' held before the show, including a 8x10, an autograph and a picture with the legend. Rowdy Roddy Piper was his usual friendly self, making everyone in line feel as if they were the most important people on earth. The show started more than 30 mins late as the line for Piper went forever, so they had to resume at intermission. Some fans came from the Ottawa and New-York area to meet him.

Opening match saw Boogli beat Genesis with a small package.

Then the Piper's Pit segment took place. Piper came out first, telling funny facts about some of his famous opponents, that fans in the crowd reminded him of. Piper then said there was a change in the main event, saying Samson was injured and could not face Sylvain Grenier in the cage. Samson came out, and explained he injured his back and had to retire. Sylvain Grenier, Kevin Steen and Mobster then came out to promote themselves. Owner Marc Blondin then stated that Samsom would be special referee, and if any of the 3 wrestlers touched him, they would be fired from TOW forever. Piper left with the Title belt, saying he would make sure the best man would win. Long but entertaining segment.

The Titans (Chakal & Bishop) beat Green Phantom & Pat Guénette when Bishop pinned Guénette.

Darkko beat Handsome JF in a casket match, chokeslamming him in the casket on the floor.

Dru Onyx & Éric Mastrocola beat Leon Saver and Sexxxy Eddy by pinfall.

During intermission ToW resumed their great tradition of honnouring a former wrestler who made his mark in Montréal. (Really, that is a wonderfull idea) This time they presented Abdullah the Butcher with a plaque, bottle of wine and tribute video. Abdullah, who was in a wheelchair, seemed to have lost a ton of weight since I saw his last match in Montréal in 2009. He addressed the crowd, sating he didn't want to show up in a wheelchair but didn't want to disapoint his fans so he still came out. He also said he needed a new hip, and would be undergoing surgery soon, and asked his fans to pray for him. ''Don't count me out, I will come back" said Abby, which is a hell of a promess at his age. He also joked that he was given all these gifts, but didn't receive a check. ToW's owner Marc Blondin answered "It's because you wanted cash". After all those years, it was the first time I saw Abdullah smile. His form Montréal manager Deepak Singh was with him, and they sold gimmicks all night long. He could stand with a walker at his gimmick table.

Lufisto beat Femmes Fatales Champion Kalamity (who subbed for no-show Tara) in a non-title match by pinfall.

It then took almost 45 minutes to set-up the cage.

Sylvain Grenier won a 3-way cage match and the vacant TOW Title against Franky The Mobster and ROH Champion Kevin Steen by being the first to escape the cage (over the top) . The end came about when Grenier and special referee Samson came to blows, prompting Roddy Piper into the cage to throw on Samson out the door, then put on the referee's shirt. No words if Grenier will be ''fired forever from TOW" since he touched Samson.

All-in-all an ok show, as Tara's absence took some star-power from the card. Word is she left home without her passeport.

No return date was announced.

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