• 09/16/2013 (3:02:55 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Hi. I saw a report on the Shield signing at Roosevelt Field Mall (Long Island) on September 8. I saw that the person that wrote in said it was a great signing and Steiner Sports was very organized. I couldn't bite my tongue any longer and wanted to tell you the truth for any one that wasn't one of the first 40-50 in line.

I attended a signing with my wife. This is the second Steiner Sports signing I have been to at this mall and both have been complete embarrassments and an insult to customer service. When fans first started being allowed to go up to the table they were able to talk with the wrestlers, shake hands, get an autograph, and take a picture.

   I paid $75 for an autograph and $25 for what the store called "a professional photo." By the time we got to the front the photo equipment was not working and we were told "the $25 now covers a photo with your own camera or phone." This is not the "professional photo" that was advertised. My wife went to shake hands with one of them when a man, named Paul, in a red Steiner Sports shirt yelled at her to "Hurry up, go behind and take your picture it is almost 1PM." This manager also yelled at a PREGNANT WOMAN before us to move along when she tried to shake hands with Dean Ambrose before her picture was taken. They penalize those at the end of the line because they allow too much time to the bunch of fans at the beginning and now we cannot even say hi or shake their hands? This is the exact problem we had at the first signing we went to (NY Rangers players) last year with the same manager running it. 

    When my wife and I looked at our photo. What an absolute disgrace. The photo was taken by Paul and has 2/3 of me and half of Roman Reigns cut out of the picture. We, along with 3 other very unhappy customers  tried to tell the manager that took it, but we were told that since our ticket had already been taken we could not go back to the front. I said "We want to show him what he did here" and we were told "Unfortunately that's not his problem right now. We have to get the rest of these people out of here by 1PM." 

    We paid $100 for what ultimately was a complete waste of a morning. Our photograph was a joke, got to spend 20 seconds with the Shield and weren't even allowed to say hi or thanks for the autographs and when I called the store I was told, "If you come to the mall within the next few days we can look at the picture and determine if it's eligible for a refund." I asked what qualifies me for a refund? The employee told me "Well, if you have 2 of the 3 in your photo we cannot offer you one as we feel that is what your ticket covered." What???? I was then told "They told you at the signing you could get a refund and not take a picture." We NEVER had any one tell us this. A gentleman took our ticket and rushed us up to the table. There was never any mention of a refund to us. 

     Both signings I have been to in my life that were run by this store were awful. We were rushed when others were not.and both times the manager on duty was rude and obnoxious to people in line. There must have been quite a few people that complained because I received an email from Steiner Sports the Tuesday after letting me know that if I experiences any issues with this signing or the staff to email them and I could expect a Steiner Sports gift card of "up to $100."


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