• 04/01/2019 (8:39:17 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

It’s the best time of the year! WrestleMania week is here! We have the latest lineups for all the WWNLive Experience events and more. Let’s get to it….
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WWN Seminar/Tryout Almost Sold Out: There are fewer than 5 spots left for this Wednesday’s WWN Seminar/Tryout in Queens, NY with special guest WWE PC Coach Robby Brookside. Go to the WWNLive.com Seminar/Tryout section for info.
Updated WWNLive Experience Lineups: It all starts this Thursday at Noon Eastern. Go to www.MoreThanMania.com for more info on all these events. Here’s the updated lineups for the 2019 WWNLive Experience:
EVOLVE 125 – This Thursday – Noon – Queens, NY – Tickets & Info 
Watch exclusively with your Club WWN subscription – Only $9.99 per month!
NXT Superstar Kyle O’Reilly of The Undisputed Era & NXT Superstars The Street Profits will be available for meet & greets before the event starting at 11 AM. You must have a ticket to the event to take part in the meet & greets. Meet & greet prices are available in the WWNLive.com Shop .
EVOLVE Championship Match
Austin Theory defends vs. Kyle O’Reilly of The Undisputed Era
EVOLVE Tag Team Championship Match
Eddie Kingston & Joe Gacy of The Unwanted defend vs. Konosuke Takeshita & MAO
Grudge Match #1
Montez Ford of The Street Profits vs. Shane Strickland of The Unwanted
Grudge Match #2
Angelo Dawkins of The Street Profits vs. Colby Corino of The Unwanted
Must Be A Winner
Darby Allin vs. Anthony Henry
Special Attraction Match
Kazusada Higuchi vs. Curt Stallion
Tag Team Attraction
AR Fox & Leon Ruff vs. John Silver & Alex Reynolds
Special Challenge Match
Harlem Bravado vs. Adrian Jaoude

 Plus more with WWN Champion JD Drake, Priscilla Kelly, Brandi Lauren and others!!!

wXw – This Thursday – 4pm – Queens, NY – Tickets & Info

Watch live on WWNLive.com iPPV!

wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship
Bobby Gunns defends vs. Shigehiro Irie 
wXw World Tag Team Championship
Aussie Open of Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis defend vs. Workhorsemen of Anthony Henry & JD Drake
wXw Shotgun Championship
Marius Al-Ani vs. Emil Sitoci
16 Carat Gold Winner 2019 Lucky Kid vs. David Starr
Absolute Andy vs. Chris Brookes
LAX of Santana & Ortiz vs. The Crown of Alexander James & Jurn Simmons
Darby Allin vs. Avalanche
Lufisto vs. Yuu
DDT – This Thursday – 8pm – Queens, NY – SOLD OUT
Watch live on WWNLive.com iPPV!

The Main Event
Daisuke Sasaki vs. Konosuke Takeshita

Weapon Rumble in U.S.A.
MAO vs. Sanshiro Takagi

3-Way Tag Team Match
HARASHIMA & Kazusada Higuchi vs. Akito & Ethan Page vs. Shigehiro Irie & Jason “The Gift” Kincaid

Tag Team Match
Soma Takao & Tetsuya Endo vs. Yukio Sakaguchi & Masahiro Takanashi

Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship Delayed Entry Battle Royale
(Champion as of March 12th: Saki Akai*)
Challengers: Makoto Oishi, Kazuki Hirata, Yoshihiko, Kikutaro, Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana, Mizuki Watase & X
*Due to the nature of the title, there may be a different champion on the date of the show, or the match may not be held as a championship match.

Tag Team Attraction
Danshoku Dieno & Antonio Honda vs. Joey Ryan & Royce Isaacs

Special Challenge Match
Miyu Yamashita vs. Maki Ito 

Kaiju Big Battel – This Thursday – 11:55pm – Queens, NY – Tickets & Info
Watch with your Club WWN subscription – Only $9.99 per month!
Kaiju Grand Championship Fight-o
Erebus defends vs. Powa Ranjuru
Southern Division Championship Fight-o
American Beetle defends vs. Hell Monkey
Double Danger Tandem Tag Championship Fight-o
SWO defend vs. Los Plantinos
Burger Bear vs. Tucor
And much more…
SHIMMER 113 – This Friday – 11am – Queens, NY – Tickets & Info
Watch live on WWNLive.com iPPV!
Heart of SHIMMER Championship
Dust defends vs. Samantha Heights
SHIMMER Championship
Nicole Savoy defends vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto
Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs. Tessa Blanchard
Shazza McKenzie vs. Su Yung
Kris Wolf, Solo Darling, Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo
 Jessica Troy, Charli Evans, Zoe Lucas & Allysin Kay
Thunder Rosa & Holidead vs. Indi Hartwell & Steph De Lander
Also in action:
Cheerleader Melissa
Shotzi Blackheart
Kris Statlander
Leva Bates
“The Renaissance Woman” Hyan
Brittany Blake
Veda Scott
WWN Supershow 2019 – This Friday – 3pm – Queens, NY – Tickets & Info
Watch with your Club WWN subscription – Only $9.99 per month!
This event will be over in time to make it over to NXT Takeover!
The Six Man Tag Team Tradition Continues – Main Event #1
Shane Strickland & EVOLVE Tag Team Champions Eddie Kingston & Joe Gacy of The Unwanted
Team wXw of 16 Carat Gold 2019 winner Lucky Kid, Shotgun Champion Marius Al Ani & Unified World Wrestling Champion Bobby Gunns
The Six Man Tag Team Tradition Continues – Main Event #2
The Skulk of AR Fox, Leon Ruff & Adrian Alanis with Ayla
Team DDT of Daisuke Sasaki, Tetsuya Endo & Soma Takao
WWN Championship Match – Main Event #3
JD Drake defends vs. Higuchi
SHINE Championship Match
Allysin Kay defends vs. Miyu Yamashita
FIP World Heavyweight Championship Match
Anthony Henry defends vs. Absolute Andy
Mixed Tag Team Grudge Match
EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory & Brandi Lauren vs. Darby Allin & Priscilla Kelly
Winner Gets WWN Contract – Elimination Match
Anthony Greene vs. Barrett Brown vs. Colby Corino vs. Harlem Bravado vs. John Silver vs. TBD
More Than Mania Party – This Saturday – 2pm – Brooklyn, NY – Tickets & Info
Watch with your Club WWN subscription – Only $9.99 per month!

Monsters are real and danger can happen! That’s right!!! The WWNLive Experience 2019 comes to a conclusion with Double Danger Time featuring Kaiju Big Battel vs. DDT Pro-Wrestling! Dr. Cube’s Minions are up to no good and what better way for the Kaiju Heroes to fight off his evil plots than an entire event featuring Double Danger Tandem Tag Team Fight-os!? But wait…there’s more! DDT Pro-Wrestling’s Konosuke Takeshita & Sanshiro Takagi want to face the vilest of the vile of Cube’s Posey in an ANYWHERE MATCH that’s sure to leave a memorable mark on Brooklyn, NY! We hope you join us for the festivities at the MoreThanMania.com 2019 Wrap Up Party! 

Conclusion: What a week this is going to be! What events are you going to? Tweet using hashtag #WWNLive and let us know. We know that you have a lot of options as to where you can spend your valuable leisure time and money this week. We will work our hardest to make the WWNLive Experience the best destination for wrestling of the year! We will deliver! Thank you for giving us a chance.

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