• 06/03/2012 (1:19:07 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Jimmy Hart, Lita & Gail Kim…


My wife kelli and I just got home from Wizardworld in Philadelphia,PA. and it was fun and crazy at the same time. Both of us are trekkies as well as wrestling fans so it was a fun day. I got a chance to meet WWF/E Hall Of Famer Jimmy"The Mouth Of The South" Hart,4x WWF/E Womens Champion Lita(Amy Dumas and Reigning TNA Knockouts Champion and Former WWF/E Women's Champion Gail Kim.

Jimmy is a really nice guy and really took the time to thank me for supporting him and wrestling for all of these years. Lita and Gail are both sweet and beautiful women. I talked with lita a little and I got hugs from both Lita and Gail Kim. Gail also spent some time talking with me as well. I would recommend anyone who wants to meet Jiimy, Gail and Lita to go for it. You won't be disappointed.
Stephen Faust Easton,PA.

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