• 03/10/2014 (7:56:58 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin


My name is David and I have a small report of my short stay at the holy grail.  Huge place for a wrestling show and nicely setup.  Casino looked amazing.  I started my journey by going to meet Mickie James, while my friend waited on the line for Piper and Orton.  Mickie was so sweet and talked extensively with me.  I spoke to her about WWE dropping the ball by not having her vs AJ at Wrestlemania.  She told me she gets that a lot from fans.  WPW staff shot one on my camera and a professional on their camera (they printed a 4x6 of it that pic and Piper/Orton).  I went on line to meet Bob Orton and Roddy Piper.  I told Ace that I met his son before and he put his son over...said that he was proud of him.  Piper was awesome and such a nice guy.  I loved meeting them at the same time.  I went to get my printed photos, then off to see Matt Morgan.  Good guy and it's sad that such a talent is retiring, but family comes first.  I ended my journey there, but seeing Virgil again made me laugh.  JJ Dillon, Rosita, Angelina Love, Justin Credible and Crimson were signing autographs too.  Kelly Kelly was at Wrestling Spectacular booth and looked amazing in this white/black dress.  I already met her, so opted not to this time.  I was limited on time, cause I had to be somewhere after.  I left before the wrestling event, so my report ends there.  WPW was very cordial and professional.  Metal detectors, organization and access to a casino with tons of extra stuff to do.

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