• 03/06/2009 (5:56:41 pm)
  • Georgiann Makropoulos

Fan Fest tickets on sale tomorrow @ 10 am…

In September, 2008 I lost two of the most important people in my life to cancer.

My Father died on September 6th. He had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. As we were at my Dad's wake on September 10th, we found out that my oldest sister Chrissy had passed away. She had cancer of the bile duct. She suffered for 10 months before she passed.  I never even heard of that type of cancer as it's extremely rare.

I lost two family members 4 days apart from each other and it devastated me and my family.

Then, a month later my other sister finds out that she has kidney cancer. Thank God they were able to remove her one kidney. She is ok now but it just goes to show that you never know what life has in store for you.

I decided that I wanted to get the "original" boys back together and run a show at the greatest building in the word to me, The Arena.

With a portion of the ticket sales going to The American Cancer Society, June 27th 2009 will be a great night for all.

For all fans who purchase a super ticket, we are going to have a fanfest starting at 1 pm.  Anyone who purchases the super ticket (which will be limited to 240 tickets) gets a signed 8x10 of all superstars participating in the fanfest, a picture with your own camera as well and a Legends of the Arena chair.  There will also be a Question and Answer session and lunch will be provided.  Then, you will be treated to a old school "original" wrestling event.  Wrestlers will be added as the weeks go on, but you can see who's already coming in the slide show to the left.  Again, there are only 240 super tickets and 750 general admission tickets. Tickets go on sale Saturday, March 7 at 10:00 am at www.thearena.biz  so get your tickets while you can and enjoy a taste of the past while joining the fight against cancer! If you can't make the event, please consider making a donation. On behalf of myself and my family, thank you all so much.

Love you all,       Francine xoxo

If you want to just make a donation or check out who is at the event then go here:

Over 30 Legends Of The Arena will participate in truly one nostalgic night for the ages at the world famous Arena. On the card for Saturday June 27th are Arena Legends “The Franchise” Shane Douglas “The Queen Of Extreme” Francine, “Arena Icon” The Sandman, Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal Sabu, Manager Of Legendary Arena Champions Bill Alfonso, Al Snow W/Head, B.W.O Blue World Order Members, The Blue Meanie and Super Nova, F.B.I.=2 0Full Blooded Italian members Little Guido and Tracy Smothers, “Chair Swingin Freak” Balls Mahoney, The Artist Formerly Known as Spike Dudley, Justin Credible, “King Of Old School” Steve Corino, C.W.Anderson, Chris Hammerick, Tammy Lynn Sytch, Legendary Commissioner Tod Gordon, “Original Pitbull #1, Jack Victory, Crowbar, Big Sal E. Graziano, Axl Rotten, Angel Of The Baldies, Tony Devito Of The Baldies, “Judge” Jeff Jones, Legendary Officials John Finnegan, and Mike Kehner,more legends to be announced, plus much much more…



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