• 03/03/2014 (3:57:34 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

This statement was posted on Billy Robinson's Facebook Page by his son, confirming his Dad's passing.

"Friends and Fans: Alas, what Jake Shannon reported is true. My father, Billy Robinson, passed away sometime during the night of 27 February, in his sleep. A man's man, and a true man of character. Read Rudyard Kipling's "If", and you'll find one of my father's favorite poems. I am shocked and saddened by his passing, but am also profoundly appreciative of the kind words and thoughts. I am attempting to contact family to notify them directly, but fear that the speed of Facebook shall beat me to it. Family: if you are reading this, please accept my heartfelt apologies for not contacting you directly. Everyone: Please feel free to post thoughts and memories. RIP, Dad."

Below are 2 photos I took in 2010. The group photo is with Billy, Dory & Terry Funk, Gerry Brisco and Danny Hodge.
Condolences to Billy's family, friends and fans.

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