• 06/23/2005 (12:08:27 am)
  • Georgiann Makropoulos

From Tucson, Arizona

WWE Dark Match, Velocity, & Smackdown Spoilers (Tucson, Arizona)

Dark match:

Hardcore Holly defeated Beard Blackwell- Blackwell was some big indy jobber with a Mike Haggar gimmick and he used a lot of early 80s to late 90s wrestling offense but was put down by the Alabama Slam.


Scotty 2 Hotty and Shannon Moore defeat Garrison Cade and Trevor Rhodes- Decent little tag match but the worm put those big dogs to sleep.

Chris Benoit defeated Akio- Pretty good stuff here even though it didn't last long. Akio showed that he wasn't 4 REAL by tapping to the crossface posthaste.

Orlando Jordan defeated The Phenomenal Phil Dorchestor- Pretty much a squash match with Orlando busting out the moveset all over the skinny kid decked in all white.

Booker T (with Sharmell) defeated Billy Kidman- Ok bout which saw Booker pick up the win with the Scissor kick.


The program opened up with Smackdown GM cutting a promo and showing us Smackdown's pick and it was none other than Muhammad Hassan with Davairi they were apparently a package deal. The heels run their mouth for awhile and The Big Show decides that he has had enough of the talking and wants some action tonight and in standard ECW fare an impromptu match goes underway.

Hassan defeats The Big Show- As he was going for the Chokeslam, Davairi gets his attention and next thing you know WHAM he gets hit with that flatliner/complete shot and 1-2-3.

Paul London defeated Chavo Guerrero- Chavo was distracted by the arrival of El Lucha Luxury (Crazy, Psycho, Juvi) or 3L as they referred to themselves. Paul picked up the win with a dragon suplex and then 3L beat the snot out of Chavo for some reason.

Joey Mercury w/ NM defeats HEIDENREICH- HEIDENREICH was distracted by Melina and was CRITICAL'd by Joey's double underhook DDT.

Rey Mysterio defeated Eddie Guerrero- Easily one of their worst (but still very good) matches. Disappointing ending but hey flash pins are cool.

There were backstage segments and stuff but I don't remember them but I do remember one showing Charlie Haas go to Post Office and the announcement of a Smackdown Title and a match deciding for it.


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