• 02/13/2013 (11:06:05 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Thanks to Mike Informer for sending this in.

WWE Superstars Sound Off on Elimination of Olympic Wrestling

Backlash to the IOC’s decision to sack wrestling from the Olympic program has resonated throughout the sport’s tight-knit community — from the amateur level all the way to the pros.

A number of WWE superstars who competed as amateurs at the high school and collegiate levels have expressed anger and confusion at Monday’s shock announcement.

Dolph Ziggler, who left Kent State in 2003 as the program’s all-time leader in wins, was on his way to speak at a high school in Arkansas on Monday morning when he caught wind of the news through social media.

“I’ve been getting texts all day from my buddies, guys I haven’t talked to since high school sending me texts and Facebook messages.” said Ziggler, a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. “It’s hitting close to home more than usual. I know it’s not 100 percent yet but there are so many Olympic events, it’s unfortunate they’ve chosen a legitimate sport and one of the original sports ever. It’s mind-blowing that it’s even on the chopping block.”

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